Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Breakfast Burritos

From: Pioneer Woman
• 8 whole Flour Tortillas, Fajita Size
• 1-½ cup Grated Cheddar Cheese
• 8 whole Eggs Beaten
• 2 Tablespoons Half-and-half
• 1 pound Breakfast Sausage
• Salt And Pepper, to taste
• 1 whole Medium Onion, Chopped
• ½ cups Jarred Jalapeno Slices
• 3 whole Roma Tomatoes--sliced
• Salsa, On The Side
• 1 Tablespoon Butter

Preparation Instructions

Bake or fry tater tots according to package directions. Make sure they’re a little on the crisp side. Warm tortillas in the oven or microwave; keep warm and soft.

Brown breakfast sausage in a large skillet, breaking it up as you go along.

Mix eggs, half and half, salt, and pepper, and beat with a fork or whisk until totally combined. Melt butter in a skillet over medium heat and cook the eggs, scrambling them until they’re in smaller pieces and no longer wet.

To assemble, add ingredients to the middle 1/3 of a warm tortilla in this order: cheese, eggs, sausage, tater tots, chopped onion, jalapeno, and tomato slices. Wrap one side of the tortilla, then the other. Wrap burrito tightly in a square of foil and keep warm. Reheat in the oven if necessary.

Serve with salsa on the side.

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