Friday, March 22, 2013

Banana Pudding Poke Cake

1 - 10 z  box yellow cake mix plus the ingredients on the box to make the cake...eggs, oil, water etc

2 - 3.4 oz pkg instant banana pudding
4 cups milk
1 - 8 oz Kool Whip
20 vanilla wafers


Prepare cake mix according to pkg directions for a 9 x 13 cake.  Once cake comes out of the oven, allow to cool for just a couple of minutes.  Using a wooden spoon handle, poke holes into the cake, all the way to the bottom of the pan.  You will want the holes to be fairly big so that the pudding has plenty of room to get down into them.

In a bow whisk together the pudding and the  milk, stirring until all of the lumps are gone.  Let the pudding sit for a couple of minutes so that it starts to thicken, but not set completely.  It should still be pourable. 

Pour the puddin all over the cake, spreading it out and making sure it goes into the holes.  Place into the fridge to set and cool. 

Once the cake is completely cool, spread on the whipped topping, sprinkle on the crushed vanilla wafers. Top with sliced bananas to serve.


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