Friday, April 16, 2010

Easter Oreo Suckers


Oreo Cookie Suckers with an Easter twist. Wouldn’t these be adorable in kids easter baskets

I started with Golden Chocolate Oreo’s because I was going to be using light colored melting chocolate. I am sure regular Oreo’s would work fine too,…I just decided to switch things up a little.

Decorating supplies I used:

1. 1/4 Icing Eyes online or you probably could find them at a local baking supply shop. They are fun to have on hand and super cheap. Way better than attempting them with frosting. Another option is white M&M’s or white Sixlets (found in the crafting party section at Walmart)

2. Orange Jelly Beans or Willy Wonka Giant Nerds

3. Pink Heart Sprinkles or you can also find them at most craft stores.

4. Wilton Yellow Candy Melts and Wilton White Candy Melts . You can also find them at nearly any craft store.

5. Wilton White Jimmies or white Sprinkles. Again, any craft store.

For the Easter chicks, I dipped the cookies in yellow melts, placed them on wax paper, did a swirly hair detail, added eyes, and used a half of a jelly bean for the beak…EASY…

For the Easter Bunnies, I dipped them in white melts, added the eyes, heart sprinkle nose, and piped melted chocolate for the mouth. For the ears I placed a bit of warm melting chocolate on wax paper, and added 4 sprinkle hearts. I let them harden (I put them in the fridge to speed up the process). I then pasted them on the bunnies face with a little more melting chocolate. Make sense? I am sure there are a bjillion other things you could use as ‘ears’ too. These make me smile,…and laugh a little,…I don’t know why.

To finish up, I wrapped them individually in treat bags. They are ready to be placed in Kids Easter Baskets or handed out to friends.

Easy! Easy!

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