Thursday, December 23, 2010

Veggie Christmas Tree or Fruit Christmas Tree

Here's how you make it...

1. First you need to cut your veggies or fruit. If you are using apples, cut them in cubes, and if you won't be eating your tree for a while just brush some lemon juice on your apples to prevent browning.

2. Push your toothpicks into your cone (you may need to cut your toothpicks down to fit in the top of your cone). If you can, angle your toothpicks upwards, this will help keep your fruit and veggies slices from falling off. Cover the whole cone!

We added a cheese star to the top of our tree but using a star-shaped cookie cutter and securing the star with a toothpick on top!

Put a small bowl of dip beside your plate and you're ready to go!

We used cucumber, cherry tomatoes and cheese for our veggie tree and we used red and green apples and cheese for our fruit tree. Have a look in the produce section and find some yummy red and green healthy treats to put on your tree!

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